Thursday, October 28, 2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA-HIS DOG-HIS LEADERSHIP--No one, friends and foes, can argue against the fact that Obama's leadership curdled early in his term. His pals are aghast; his detractors are delightedly smug over his early souring.. So what happened and why ?

Obama is a gifted orator and perhaps even a scholar, but by all standards he is not an executive. There simply is no executive resume for the man. Except for smashing Hillary for the Democratic nomination and his triump over beetle-brains McCain and Palin, he seems lost in his office. Like many revolutionaries who can seize power, he has a painful problem with governance.

Obama has had a Democratic house and a majority of his party in the senate and still could not end foolish wars or reduce deficit and unemployment or improve the US balance of payments. His campaign 2010 he asks for more time, but he has already spent the rent money.

About the only refrain Obama can sing is that , IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE. And that is a loser's dodge

Obama comes from a mixed racial background and was raised without a father. Despite this inauspicious background, defying all odds, he rose to be the president of the US. By most observations, with two years in office, it can be said that he has reached his level of incompetence based on his performance in the job.

It is apparent that his election was buying a PIG IN A POKE by the American people. Based on polls the Democratic Party will lose control of house, so the rest of his term will be more complicated for him then the past two years. And there is a better than even chance he turns out as a quacking, helpless lame duck.

Remember how the Obama administration at the outset attempted to justify its controversial appointments as a team of rivals ? This was nonsense as it was soon obvious that he could not lay out coherent policies on the wars, health care, stimulus or bailouts and even foregin policy. He was to become an errand boy for the Israeli Netanyahu. His misplay of the Gulf BP oil spill is still festering with investigation and has the aroma of cover up big time.

Obama chose Clintonistas as White House staff and, in the main, for economic rescue,compromised Israeli Americans to to solve his financial crises which was caused mostly by them. A majority of these so-called economic experts have departed his administration now that their stooges made big bucks from TARPS and stimulus payments. Bank, brokerage executives and Wall Streeters are now richer and even happier. SEC Treasurer Geitner, the tax dodger ,and bumbling Bernanke our Fed Chief, remain apparently to keep fingers in dike.

If Obama believed the Clinton crowd in his administration would make him look good, it had to be another example his naivete; on the contrary,it sand-bagged or undermined him at every turn. For them it is still Hillary or bust.

Not only cannot our Nobel-prize winning president find peace, he has expanded wars in Afghanistan into Pakistan. About the only saving grace for his administration is the dread of the Republican Tea Party opposition as religious zealots who advocate war without paying for it. -- or blindly put their faith with 'God is With US.' So far Tea Party candidates appear from of the twilight zone, but that will not prevent some from being elected or save the Democratic Party from losses.

This same gang squeals about big government and taxes ,but delight in pissing away money for big wars and foreign nation building. These are first-class phonies ,like many Democrats, lead by their noses by big business and misguided trust by flag waving military elites.

You know that President Obama has a Portuguese water dog as White House pet. Alas, he he is been photographed being pulled and walked by the dog--this is a sad the metaphor for his leadership. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA RET