Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama and Bomb Bomb McCain – A Contrast

The contrast of Obama and Bomb Bomb McCain is best explained by two different adages: 1) Obama – WHEN AN EAGLE SOARS, IT BECOMES A BETTER TARGET; 2) Bomb Bomb – THE FURTHER UP THE FLAGPOLE THE MONKEY CLIMBS, THE MORE YOU SEE HIS ASS. The last week events provide the opportunity to test this folk wisdom.

Obama's recent grand tour was a tour de force. His trip took him to the Middle East, Afghanistan, Germany, France and Great Britain. He succeeded in pushing his Iraqi withdrawal plan forward; he focused more attention on Afghanistan; he signaled a future new diplomatic era for the US; and finally, he did manage to look presidential, whatever that means.

Looking presidential is normally an abstraction. It is certainly in the eye of the beholder. In Hillary Clinton's case she tried to achieve it with an ad of a red telephone ringing in the night; it was lampooned. Her most egregious ploy was to concoct her Bosnian sniper story which ended as a documented lie. It only added to problems with her credibility. Apart from Obama's sense of presence and calm self-assurance during the trip, he delivered a speech in Baghdad immediately after meeting General Saveus Petraeus. Thrust of the speech was that he met with Petraeus and he understood his position, but Petraeus is responsible for one aspect of US policy. He further added: a commander-and-chief is responsible for the security of the whole country, that as such he must be careful not to over-emphasize one aspect of national security, and in the process, endangering the whole country to include economic stability. It is a concept incompetent GWB seriously overlooked. For George Bush, after nearly eight years in office, appearing presidential is still a work in progress. Just goes to show you all the feathers in the world will never make a crow a peacock.

A refrain picked up by some of the vapid elements of the mainstream media was that Obama was too presidential on his trip; that, he displayed hubris. Anybody who believes that is painfully suffering from an inferiority complex. Sure Obama looked better than wobbly GW Bush and spastic Bomb Bomb ever could, but what the hell, he created a pro-American enthusiasm by those who despised Bush with his brand of Kiss-My-Ass foreign policy. If Obama wins, American tourists will not have to pretend they are Canadians when visiting Europe.

While Obama was busy charming the world, Bomb Bomb was suffering temper tantrums as the Democratic candidate regularly scored points. Part of it may have been those forty-foot jump shots Obama made before an enthusiastic military crowd in Kuwait. Obama appears fresh, vigorous and young. Bomb Bomb is stale, crippled, and old... most importantly Obama is smart and Bomb Bomb is not. Observing Obama in Berlin at the Tiergarten speech, he appeared as a thoroughbred. On the other hand, Bomb Bomb delivering gaffes in front of a supermarket cheese display or in a German um-papa, wurst restaurant in the Midwest, made him appear as a broken down nag ready for the glue factory. There was nothing presidential about him. His chronic gaffes make him a fraud or senile – take your choice.

Bomb Bomb hit below the belt when he asserted that Obama would lose a war to win the presidency; that is typical neocon screed coming from McCain's staff that is riddled with these permanent war pro-Likud crack pots. This squalid stuff followed the NEW YORKER's cover diatribe insulting Obama dressed as Osama, and his wife, Afro-coifed, depicted as a revolutionary Angela Davis carrying an AK 47. All this while an American flag burned in a fireplace with a portrait of Bin Laden over the mantel – both the editor and cartoonist are American Jews – what they were trying to prove is beyond me. Did Likud strike again? Perhaps they are upset that 67% of the American Jews favor Obama and he has serious Jewish congressional support as well as Jews within his campaign staff. The Israeli Likud Party, with their running dog neocons, fear Obama, because it cannot exert the control over him as it does over Bomb Bomb.

Bomb Bomb is a foul character who employs foul tactics. My sense is that Bomb Bomb deserves the same treatment. When four-star General W. Clark scoffed that Bomb Bomb's military record poorly prepared him as commander-in-chief, he squealed like a stuck pig. Bomb Bomb's military record is a vulnerability and he understands this.

His campaign enjoys projecting him as a wounded hero in an enemy hospital. This draws pity, but it obscures the fact he provided aid and comfort to the enemy by signing a propaganda statement for them. Also he is projected as a hero, because he refused to be repatriated ahead of prisoners who served longer in captivity – nonsense! Military Code of Conduct precludes him from accepting favors from the enemy. The guy served his country the best he could, but not heroically unless you redefine heroic. Pay him for his retirement and disability as he stood in harms way for America, but dismiss him as president. Wrapping himself in flag continuously stinks of chauvinism; he is substituting this for his lack of substance.

Obama does not have the silver bullet to arrest the decline of America, but by changing course there is a good chance he can slow it down. Bomb Bomb, who will stay the Bush course, has a dumdum bullet that will augment the slide, ripping the nation apart – take your choice America. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama’s Grand Tour – Here & There

The appalling thought of extending GW Bush's term of office through the offices of the petulant troll Bomb Bomb McCain should frighten even die-hard conservatives. The stampede to avoid this rolling disaster drives the American people into the open arms of Obama. The Russians have a proverb, NEVER CALL FOR A NEW CZAR (He may even be worse.) So let us give Obama consideration in this context.

The evil and despair of more Bush via Bomb Bomb are obvious. If there would be change, it would be for the worse . You can count on change from Obama, but whether it would be for the worse or better is an open question. At this point Obama is undergoing a metamorphous from his idealistic frothy high-minded promises of the primary to compromise consensus building he perceives needed in a general election. So at this stage we will watch whether the tail wags the dog or vice versa – put in Marxist terms: Will the base influence the superstructure or vice versa?

There is no question that Obama will institute domestic polices that will redistribute wealth through restructured taxation. Big business starkly realizes this as it dumps massive donations into the Republican National Committee. The middle class, hurt by avaricious corporate greed in the last eight years, routinely signs up in great numbers with small contributions for Obama; this, collectively balances the Big Business contributions. It is class warfare in dollars, without the pitch forks, guns or clubs.

Obama will socialize the domestic scene with more federal programs, focus on rebuilding infrastructure, socialize medicine and generally infuse more paternalism by the government. Obama, after all, is a civil rights lawyer that has fed at the bureaucratic trough most of his life, so can you expect anything different?

In the past this Democratic approach has run into resistance by a majority of Americans who resent government interference in their lives and turned to the Republican Party for support. But Bush's over-the-top brand of self destructive, reckless, greedy state capitalism may have permanently changed attitudes as he wrecked America. It certainly has undermined leadership of the Republican Party. Bush may have done what Herbert Hoover did to the Republican Party; he sent it to the political wilderness where it did not recover for years.

Massive car and home ownership in the US has been the hallmark of American pride – the envy of the the world. Incompetent Bush and his Republicans even have put this in jeopardy with high priced gasoline and predatory mortgages.

While there is no question which direction the philosophically Democratic Socialist Obama will take the US domestically, there still remains the question of degree. Even the doctrinaire Communist Chinese understand the dynamism of capitalism and the stagnation of socialism. Where Obama's historical role could be forged, is in foreign relations; at this time, it is a roll of the dice on where he comes out.

His signature item is the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. With this issue he drove a stake into the heart of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary. With this issue, he cornered Bomb Bomb; now whose foot is caught in a steel trap. Bush recently cut the ground out from under him by moving toward withdrawal in Iraq, direct talks with Iran and a new focus on Afghanistan. Bomb Bomb, caught like a trapped muskrat, may have to chew his own foot off to escape. Expect Bomb Bomb's next flip-flop to be a whopper.

Obama has held to his 16 month withdrawal plan, but says he has to talk to commanders on the ground; he also talks about a residual force left in Iraq. This force could go as high as 30,000 troops and that is not withdrawal by a long shot. Still waiting for our strap-hanging main stream media to ask him about what he means by residual force.

As far as talking to US generals on the ground in Iraq, suggest he review Lincoln's problems with General McClellan during the Civil War. Generals always want more troops and need more time to do anything. He will soon find General Saveus Petraeus suffers from the same syndrome – he developed it at West Point.

Obama simply must order Petraeus out within a certain time frame. If Patraeus balks, relieve him. That is what a real Commander-and-Chief does. If he cannot find a general to do the job, hire the logisticians at WallMart; assign them presidential authority to do it.

Obama is an unlikely candidate as president. Civil Rights lawyers are one issue guys. This one is exceptionally bright, can talk and motivate; that is more than we have now as a president. As for Bomb Bomb, he is an echo of Bush, but dumber and totally controlled by special interests. One thing offers some hope for Obama. He came up through brutal Chicago ward politics where sharp elbows are necessary to get to the top. He crushed the insidious Clinton machine against all odds. If he keeps his Darwinian attitude, he might do the country some good pursuing national interests. Let us hope that he only appears as as an arugula-eating Bambi, but really is carnivorous tiger.

Obama sang-froid is remarkable. Under pressure he performs amazingly well. You witness this whether he is, as recently, shooting hoops in a gym in Kuwait for the troops or speaking at mass rallies addressing thousands. He focuses like a laser; can remain detached with all the razzmatazz going on around him. His coolness and self-assurance under stress is called elitism by his detractors – I CALL IT LEADERSHIP. Question is where will he lead... consult your fortune teller or Tarot cards for that answer. One thing for certain, Jesse Jackson is not writing his agenda. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vexations of Colonialism – GW Bush in Iraq

When the US invaded Iraq, it threw the baby out with the bath water. It hanged Saddam, shot his sons, but destroyed the country by standing by as its cultural past from museums was looted and heartlessly created 4 million refugees. As a result the invasion, over a million Iraqis have been killed and Iranian power has been enhanced because Saddam's Batthist regime, now destroyed, had kept it in check. Bush appears shocked that the democratically elected Iraqi regime has told him officially, YANKEE GO HOME.

This all comes at an awkward time for Bush. He has about six months left in power to arrange to keep a foothold in the country. Republican Bomb Bomb McCain will keep the faith if elected, but there are not enough NASCAR fans or squirrel hunters in the US to make that happen – there is a chance Bomb Bomb will gaffe himself into political death before the Republican Convention. One of his his latest goofs was about Viagra in his health plan... if Bomb Bomb was not so toxic, he would beat the late night shows in comedy relief. His Marie Antoinette LET THEM THEM EAT CAKE economic plan should doom him even with the squirrel hunters. Once his NASCAR crowd listens to country singer Donna Fargo's latest song, WE CAN DO BETTER IN AMERICA, many of them will peel away.

The ’08 campaign, the lynch pin to the future of Iraq, is based on who is elected US president: Bomb Bomb or Obama. Each perceive the US national interest differently: stay or not stay. Obama pretends he has no interest in remaining, but wants a residual force to remain.(Whatever that means?). Bomb Bomb, like his Israeli stooges, is willing for the US to stand, bleed and pay. The US generals have told us the that Iraqi forces are ready to handle their own security by mid-2009. They pass on this disinformation periodically, so they should not believed now... they can teach Iraqis to march, shoot, perform military courtesies and not dress like desert rats, but no matter what amount of time and money is spent, US trainers cannot instill political reliability. They, however, can buy it with continuous bribes.

Drop the mask and you find out that GENERAL SAVEUS PETRAEUS' surge rests on bribing Iraqi factions not to kill each other or Americans – it seems to pacify the tribes as long as the US dole continues to roll, but at 3 billion a week, this foolish US charity cannot last. However, this artificial situation provides a fig leaf for Obama to pull troops out.

Pulling out is a calamity for Bush and his neocon losers. They constructed some 60 bases and, additionally, an embassy in Baghdad that cost over 850 million. This edifice has major problems: it cannot use its sprinkler system; its walls crumble because of intentional cheating by cutting cement in sand and water mix; its toilet flushing is a sometime thing. To get an idea what 800 million should buy, note the the landmark Chrysler Building in NYC sold to some Arabs for 800 million dollars last week. The Baghdad Embassy is five times the size of the Pentagon and larger than the Vatican. It is a colossal White Elephant...

Withdrawing from Iraq will not be a Sunday school picnic. The US has more than enough security there to keep it safe such as roads into Turkey, Jordan and Kuwait, plus, many airfields provide exit routes. Tons of damaged equipment will be abandoned. There is at least a 50% chance the Iraqi troops will provide security. They would be motivated by a good-riddance mentality. You, however, can expect that there is a hard core Iraq that broods over Abu Gharib and the ruthless smashing of Fallujah.

Last figure I saw was that there are over 16,000 detainees under US control in Iraq. This number is augmented today faster than numbers are released. This population should be passed to Iraqi control soonest.

The other issue is what to do with Iraqis who cooperated with US forces. The big-time collaborators already got their money and families out. It is the thousands of little guys such as interpreters, cooks, clerks and trash collectors who will have their throats cut; there is no re-indoctrination programs in Islam, only revenge. Personally, I would give them all a ticket to Crawford, Texas to be paid by Big Oil. The choice is resettlement or let them fend for themselves. The US has a responsibility here that must be addressed, if it is to salvage a speck of integrity in the operation.

You have to wonder at this stage what GW Bush has achieved with his war in Iraq. We are certain the US military industrial complex both in the US and in the countries of the coalition received fists full of dollars. Saddam's death is a mixed blessing when viewed in the context of regional security and enhanced Iranian power. GW Bush got a big slobbery Judas kiss from Israel that now insists he perform similar martial surgery on Iran. His oil deals signed by the Kurds with Big Oil are rejected as illegal by the central Baghdad Government. In open competition with China, flushed with devaluated US dollars, it can easily out bid US Oil in fair competition for rights to the Iraqi oil business.

The Iraqis understand the GW Bush's bash, mash and slash era is ending in a few months. They are not concerned over Al Qaeda in Iraq. They know that they can settle internal differences without US interference in their own bloody traditional fashion. So they wait patiently, meanwhile being paid by the US, now letting the US believe the surge is a success.

GW Bush, formerly an oilman, never brought in a oil well. His Iraqi explorations followed this pathetic history. This time his own people and others were killed in massive numbers; he destroyed Iraq and he pissed away our nation's wealth and prestige in the process. What a guy! Elect Bomb Bomb and you get the same.

As Obama sky walks, trying to protect his privates from cruel surgery by the Reverend RUN JESSE RUN Jackson, the Republicans are desperately trying to start the ‘08 model of McCain's STRAIGHT TALK EXPRESS... they just cannot start it as it always backfires... God has to be a humorist. You cannot invent this stuff. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Independence Day USA 2008

The birth of a nation is cause for celebration; the fact it was not strangled in its crib is further cause for jubilation; that it keeps on living, like a man over 200 years, is a cause for self congratulation; but, recently signs of disintegration auger there might be more yesterdays than tomorrows. In this context, let us examine the stars and stripes forever.

The American Revolution and the War of 1812 tested the survival of the United States at the end of the 18th century and early 19th century. The Civil War tested the strength of the Union of the states and it was preserved at high cost in American blood. Had the Union not prevailed, there would be at least five or six sovereign countries within the borders of todays USA. So why be concerned over the future of the USA? It has weathered vicious wars and economic chaos throughout its history. The difference today is there is no effective leadership; only self interest that tears the country apart.

Start with the borders. The US land borders are still wide open. Latino minorities want it that way as an illegal route to a free lunch. Sure, most find stoop labor and are welcomed, encouraged by big business who pays cheap wages while US tax payers donate for their heath, welfare and education. Most send a large part of their earnings home, so in spending, they do not fuel the US economy much. Neither of our future leaders, Bomb Bomb McCain or Burning Spear Obama wants to change this much – and that is fine with their supporters: big business, the Catholic Church, trade unions and ethnocentric self interests. All are trying to snag souls albeit for different reasons. In the process the nation spins apart. The American brand disappears without a replacement: a unifying concept.

Globalization came with the advent of contaminated food imports and hazardous goods. It began with GW Bush's daddy, was enhanced by Bill Clinton through NAFTA, and refined by GW Bush's unabashed selling out to Red China. Jobs have vanished, a rust belt in the midwest has been created and the US heavy industrial base destroyed; we will need a domestic Marshall Plan to recreate it. All this as unemployment soars.

The mighty US auto industry is on verge of collapse. The
military industrial complex seems to enjoy growth, but that has to be financed by the US government with sweetheart contracts and fueled by war; and, only three out of ten American youth are qualified to serve in the military even under todays lowered standards. This whole mercantile scenario is driven by special interest greed that spreads through both major parties. How else can you explain the failure to end the war in Iraq years ago? With a crumbling national infrastructure, the US spends 3 billion a week on the War in Iraq that does not threaten US national security. This is national suicide.

High cost of living is a threat to good life in the USA. Gasoline is four dollars plus a gallon. Airlines are cutting service and charging higher rates. The value of the dollar has plummeted, but it has not helped the balance of payments that favor foreign governments by the billions. The Chinese alone hold enough paper to crush the US currency completely if dumped. Home ownership has been severely damaged by mortgage and loan scams. Much of this economic chaos is attributable to US Government deregulation and Bush's hysterical borrowing to fight wars. Foreign interests are now feverishly buying US capital assets with cheap dollars. Bush is even trying to pass laws that permit them to buy our airlines, acting as shill for selling out the US; our special-interest dominated Congress says AMEN.

As for foreign policy, it is dominated by the Israel Lobby which is dominated by Israel. There is a quip in the film CHARLIE WILSON 'S WAR: when asked about American Jewish vote, Wilson replied it does not have that many votes, but it has the money. Next time ending the Iraq war and permanent occupation comes up on TV discussion, focus on the Jewish American talking heads; almost to a person, like the invasion, they now want America in Iraq forever. How can we have a functioning government promoting US national interest if it is dominated by a self-serving alien entity?

Neither of the presidential candidates has a plan to restore America to the path of glory and a sane economic stability. Obama at least wants to end the war in Iraq and distribute the federal funds to domestic projects to benefit many Americans. As for Bomb Bomb, he wants more war, confrontation with Iran and like a robot, will follow the foreign guidance of Jerusalem Joe Lieberman into the abyss at whatever cost. The USA of 21st century does not even resemble the USA of the recent 20th century. This change has not been measured in progress but rather in the current decline of our nation state. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret

There are two things which a democratic people will always find very difficult - to begin a war and to end it.
Alexis de Tocqueville

Friday, July 04, 2008

On the Good Ship Lollipop
Bomb Bomb McCain Churns

Charles Black, Bomb Bomb McCain's lobbyist head of his campaign, declared in a recent article in Fortune magazine that McCain would be helped by a terrorist attack on the US. As a lobbyist for all occasions, Mr. Black has a record of protecting international thugs like Mobutu Sese Seko, Marcos and Savimbi, but his record on terrorism directed against the US is unknown. We know, however, that he is the son of child star Shirley Temple Black of the On the Good Ship Lollipop; Mr. Black's mother developed significant ties to the Republican party which are passed on to Charles.

Reaction to Black's statement by the main stream media was surprising. All agreed that it was a gaffe; all piously protested against the impropriety of his statement, and then almost all agreed that Black was probably right that a terrorist attack on the US favors Bomb Bomb's candidacy. Since the media has had serious problems analyzing anything in this election, let us examine this latest conclusion.

Media missed on the inevitability of Bill's wife's candidacy; surprising win of Bomb Bomb as the Republican candidate; and, the terrible flop of Bill Clinton's campaign for his wife. Media still persists, almost as an act faith to conclude Bomb Bomb is a war hero when his record demonstrates otherwise. So how does a terrorist attack help Bomb Bomb? It does not.

Look, the Republicans doped off at 9/11; Bomb Bomb's party stood by and watched it happen. Their misguided response has wrecked the US economy; destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan; has destabilized Pakistan; and, it called in terrorist attacks in Spain and England. Al Qaeda has expanded its operation and decentralized its organization, making it harder to hit – bin Laden lives despite GW Bush's pathetic incantations.

Bush's Home Land Defense Department has been an expensive keystone cop operation– it blew Katrina; has left ports and air cargo insecure; has not made a dent in illegal immigration; and, its airport passenger inspection fails nearly every time it is tested. Its color alert was used for political fear mongering. So why would anyone prefer a Republican over a Democrat to protect the country from terrorism?

The USA has not been attacked since 9/11. Uncertain to what or to whom to thank for this security... Is it Allah? Is it our Saviour Jesus Christ? Is it the great God Buddha, Beelzebub or Donald Duck? One thing for certain, it is not GW Bush. He has left our borders open for eight years. Mexicans have regularly run tons of drugs over the porous US borders and semi trucks loaded with starving, suffocating illegal aliens have been delivered to US cities. You gotta agree that the Jihadists are as clever as the Mexicans who cross into US territory undetected.

Maybe Bush benefited from Kismet; he just lucked out. If that is the case, by that standard, we then must also blame him for the bad: hurricanes, tornados, wildfires and floods that have engulfed our country.

So why have not the terrorists attacked? My sense is that Bush's goofy over-the-top response to the Jihadist 9/11 attacks are working to their advantage to such a degree that they do not want to risk changing the situation. The Taliban are more back together than ever. Iraq is a big tar baby that costs 3 billion a week and averaging 30 US KIA a month. Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, torture and drum-head justice erode any positive message from the land of the free.

GW Bush probably has taken out the third tier of al Qaeda, but it regenerates faster than a lizard's tail. Bush's policies create more terrorists and are bringing on a war with Iran. So why does anyone believe that Bomb Bomb, who is the second coming of GWB, is a way out of a Republican created mess? Jihadists believe they have a winning hand right now; they will attack again if the situation changes to their disadvantage. And with Bomb Bomb, there will be no change. If Americans want to defeat the terrorists, it will not be with Bush/McCain/Israeli policies... The twisted and ugly part of this thesis is that success against the Jihadists brings on the greater chance of attack against the US. You, therefore, need a policy that defuses the situation and the Republicans with their discredited neocons are unable to this.

Mr. Black has repented publicly for his statement and has gone into political seclusion for the time being. Bomb Bomb, despite his foolishness in the Keating Five lobbyist scandal, still is addicted to government for the lobbyists and by the lobbyists. Charlie Black has a lollipop for anyone who pays for a favor and he fits into Bomb Bomb's demented campaign just right. Colonel Robert E Bartos USA Ret